0.5-100kg Medical Grade Anti Fog Disposable Video Laryngoscope Anesthesia Machine Animal Video Polycarbonate Blade For Intubation

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0.5-100kg Medical Grade Anti Fog Disposable Video Laryngoscope Anesthesia Machine Animal Video Polycarbonate Blade For Intubation
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Place of Origin: China
Nom de marque: Dolphinmed
Model Number: DA1000vet
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 2 years
After-sale Service: Free spare parts
Material: Steel
Shelf Life: 3 years
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class III
Safety standard: GB 11246-89
Type: Anesthesia Equipments & Accessories
Name: veterinary anesthesia machine
Application: 0.5-100kg animal
Oxygen flush: 25L/min~75L/min
Airway pressure: O2:0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa
Power: 220V±10%,50HZ±1% or 110V±10%,60HZ±1%
I:E ration: 1:1~1:4 adjustable
Breathing rate: 4~60bpm
Upper airway pressure: 2~6kpa
TV: 50~1600ml
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Place of Origin: China
Nom de marque: Dolphinmed
Certification: ce
Model Number: DA1000vet
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The Newest Surgery Medical Equipment Anesthesia Machine With Best Quality
Product Description
Main Unit

Anesthesia Vaporier
Temperature,flow and pressure compensation
Flow range:0.2-15L/min Temerature range:15-35℃
Agent:Isoflurane,Seveflurane,Halothane and Enflurane
Fill type:Pour-fill,Easy-fill,Key-fil
CO2 Absorber
Twins canister,2 L volume for sadalime,wth no-return respiration valve and inspiraition valve,avoid gas back flowing.
Flow meter
Mechanical flowmeter O2,N2O and air
1*O2 tubes:0-1L/min, 1-10L/min
1*N2O tubes:0-1L/min, 1-10L/min
1*Air tubes:0--10L/min(optional)
N2O will be auto cut when O2 supply failure
O2 and N2O linkage device,keep O2 not low than 25%
Adult bellow and pediatric bellow.
TWo gas supply pressure gaugage( O2,N2O )
Three gas working prssure gauage (O2,N2O and air)(optioanal)
One gas airway pressure gauge
Gas supply pressure
(O2,N2O ) air(optioanl)
Mount type
Twins selectatec Bar or cagemout type
Working mode
Semi-open,Semi-closed,Closed or Open sytem
O2 Flush
Gas switch
Control gas source with starting or stoping
Yokes System(optional)
O2&N2O Pin indexed,backup gas will auto working when central gas supply fail
110-240V,50/60HZ,Power consumation≤50W
Dolphimed delivery the Anesthesia Machine that makes a good performance in Intensive Care Units (ICU), operation room,
anesthesiology department and other departments. From high to low acuity, simple to complex cases, pediatric to geriatric
patients, Dolphinmed Medical Anesthesia System offers you wide choices that you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique.
More convenient operating and display systems for clinical operations,suitable for a wide range of anesthesia at adult,pediatric
and infant
Comprehensive Safety&Alarm system,make sure the operation accuracy and stability
8 inch TFT display with touch screen,shuttle knob design, quick and efficient operation
Integrated absorber design with good cable management solution,convenient to discharge and install timely..
Powerful ventilation mode meet all complex clinical requirement
Three levels alarm system, visual and sound alarm information.
The core components are imported from top international and original, and the industrial control chip is chosen
High precious sensor and valve technology make sure the pressure ,flow and volume monitor and control at high safety, stability
and precision
High precious anesthesia vaporizer with temperature,flow and pressure compensation
Top-light system design provide more good vision
Built-in backup battery provide the emergency power supply to the unit.
Low O2 pressure alarm and N2O cut-off protection.

Our Company
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Our Team
1.What is Dolphinmed business?
Re:The main business is ICU ventilator,anesthesia machine ,Medical Air Compressor,Anesthesia vaporizer(isoflurane
,sevoflurane,halothane,enflurane),Anesthesia ventialtor,veterinary anesthesia machine,veterinary anesthesia
ventilator,Bellows,Flowmeter,CO2 absorber,support arm,Selectatec bar, anesthesia NC parts etc.

2.How we can cooperate with Dolphinmed?Is there some requirement?
Re:Now main business is as follows:
a,Brand(Dolphimed) sole agent business, at important country and area, sigh the sole agent agreement letter, start the long-term
distributer cooperation, win-win cooperation; 2,ODM business, mainly for Anesthesia Machine& ventilator and Vaporier business,
specially designed and produced for customer, unique cover design, sole sales right, excellant after-sale service.; 3,OEM
business, provide OEM business at some country and some area, label stamped is available; Anesthesia&ventilator system spares
parts machining business service, for example,CO2 Absorber, Selectatec bar,flow meter,bellow, mechanical processing service as the
drawing design,etc

We require long-term cooperation based mutual benefit.

3.What is Dolphinmed products warranty?
For Anesthesia machine,icu ventilator ,medical air compressor,it is two year.
For anesthesia vaporizer ,it is five year
For flowmeter,bellows,cagemout bar,selectatec bar,support arm etc,it is one year.
For other consumables products,it is 3 month.

4.What is delivery time of Dolphinmed products?
For Anesthesia machine,icu ventilator ,medical air compressor, 7 working day after payment
For anesthesia vaporizer ,5 working day after payment For flowmeter,bellows,cagemout bar,selectatec bar,support arm etc,it is one
year. 15 working day after payment.
For other consumables products,it is 3 month. 10 working day after payment.

5.Could we visit Dolphinmed factory?
Yes ,welocme to visit us ,we have factory at Zibo,Shandong Province,.marketing and R&D center are at Beijing.Before it have
plan,please make reservation with first,we will make the schedule for your visit.

6.How your side can ship or delivery our goods to our country
By sea ,by Air or By express,and some country we have “ double clearance to office” Service. Before order,will confirm the
shipping details according to goods situation.

7.How is your payment term?
T/T(bank transfer),L/C,Cash,Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal is accepted.
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